Why to make a child creative?

Every child is born creative. The one thing which is inherently instilled in every person from birth is creativity.

Everyone dreams of success, rewards and recognition. But most of us prefer to play safe by following the other achievers. To match the pace of today’s change, the world demands more proactive people who can think smart & perform their best. We believe that creativity is the mother of all invention and a mature creative mind will stand apart & would be able to make his/her mark in the 21st century.

The last goal is character building. “Money comes & goes but morality comes & grows.”

–    Sri Satya Sai Baba.

We understand that just academic achievements are not enough; soft skills and emotional quotient give an edge to one’s personality. Organizations want that quirky, eccentric and confident qualities in its personnel and tomorrow’s leaders rather than someone with a perfect grade sheet. Creativity is the crown of mankind, but if a creative and confident person is not reined in by character, even a scientist or an artist can become a terrorist! The character has the power to change the destiny of nation as demonstrated by Gandhi Ji & Nelson Mandela.

When wealth is lost, Nothing is lost.

When health is lost, Something is lost.

When the character is lost, everything is lost.