“ Welcome to Vedaant Vidhyakulum School”

“A learning environment away from home”

Vedaant Vidhyakulum is a progressive, secular, child centered, co-educational private school, devoted to achieving excellence in education.

We have a flexible boarding facility, another distinctive feature of Vedaant Vidhyakulum. School offers daily, weekly and term boarding options to the students. The flexible options provided by the school have been designed keeping in mind the comprehensive development of a child.

Our firm belief lies in nurturing healthy psychosom of a child, a healthful surrounding and happy aura that plays a vital role which can only be provided in a home away from home i.e ‘A School’.

At Vedaant, preparation of extensive activities, programs and hurdles is done on a daily basis. This is one of the many benefits that will make you understand the perks of weekly boarding at Vedaant Vidhyakulum and its advantages over a regular school.

The Concept

Vedaant Vidhyakulum’s approach is to deliver the kind of education that not only empowers life but also liberates self from fear and ignorance.



Three people make the most important impression on a child’s future; Mother, Father and a Teacher. But an overall development


Journey of Vedaant

We began in 1999, with our first set up in Indore, manorama ganj with a spacious, well acquainted, scientifically designed preschool,


Goals and values

The goal which is first on priority with Vedaant is to make its children knowledgeable and confident. Moreover, to make a child “See”

Educational Challenge and Foundation

The challenge of education in the modern World

Contemporary life is deeply influenced by rapid technological progress as well as the environment and social crisis. Faced with unpredictable change and insecurity, the young generation is easily influenced by materialistic values and the moral degrading ideas of our times. Must they accept this world as it is? Academic pressure, peer pressure, parental expectations and media influence leave very little room for independent thinking and a wholesome development. Must they grow up in order to fit into society or should they learn to question deeply what they see?

Vision and Philosophy

Presently, parents and teachers are aware that standardized

learning, assessments are one dimensional and are incapable of equipping kids for the challenges of 21st century. The next generation children require skills to successfully negotiate dynamic and uncertain demands of the future world.

Vedaant Vidhyakulum acknowledges the inevitable requirement of each child and fulfills it to make him/her a learner required to be confident, creative, well-connected, aware, collaborative problem solver and quick decision maker.

Vedaant’s mission is to provide a stimulating environment in the campus which will make an integrated and fully composed personality through day to day real world experiences and trials.


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Class Room

Each classroom houses a large area and is designed
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Health Center

At V V when students feel unwell or a little at ease,
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Computer Lab

Computer education is an integral part of the curriculum
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To expand the artistic horizon of our students, VV provides Studios
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The Science Laboratory

The Science Lab at VVS provides an atmosphere of experiencing
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The spacious auditorium helps students to conduct quizzes,