Veda Activias – In Montessori and kindergarten classes Vedaant uses its in-house designed and published books. These Activias are a complete replacement of copies and worksheets. The activities are designed as per the age and interest of a child. The resource is very strong and takes the concepts that grow from simple to complex.

The Activias are student and teacher-centered with the sequential content flow. A lot of research and thought has gone into developing these in-house books, designed by Mrs. Neelam Khandelwal. These books cover the entire syllabus prescribed for Pre-School, class wise.

Moreover, the curriculum for Primary, Secondary and Higher classes has also been set by Vedaant Vidhyakulum’s Academic Director with a close consideration of best available books as per the guideline of CBSE. Well Reputed and Illustrated book publications and authors such as MacMillan, Oxford, Viva, Ratna Sagar, Eklavya and Britannica have been used in the best interest of children.