Vedaant Vidhyakulum has programmed a diverse and specialized curriculum, which helps the child to develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills and enhances creativity.

Innovations are encouraged for an effective symbiotic relationship between teaching and learning to help imbibe the different perspectives within each subject area. As the students undergo experiential learning, hence they apply class lore in real situations.

Spirited participation in seminars, symposiums, discussions, publications, dramatics, public speaking and other activities would reduce stage fear to improve public addressing qualities and enhance confidence. In addition, classroom learning enables students to acquire learning skills required for a cumulative intellectual, psychological and cultural growth.

The ability to analyze, think laterally or look at things differently is what makes a person special in this competitive world. A range of applied activities is given to the students to enhance their rational capacities. The academic curriculum in Vedaant Vidhyakulum is designed to –

  • Think laterally.
  • Correlate and synthesize various branches of knowledge.
  • Acquire skills of integration and judgment.
  • Motivate children to ask questions.
  • Learn the application of skills and value real-life situations.
  • Filter before a judgment and weigh the possible outcomes.
  • Identify problems and find solutions.
  • Develop intuitive insights into unfathomable phenomena.
  • Constantly innovate for beneficial application to life.

Enable students to effectively communicate their thinking expression.

Intellectual Exercises Creative

  • Quiz
  • Live observations
  • Seminars
  • Current affairs
  • Extempore
  • Group discussion
  • Multimedia learning
  • Debates
  • Viva-voice
  • Computer aides classes- projector & surveys
  • Project & surveys
  • Aptitude & achievement tests workshop
  • Institutional visits / tour
  • Field trips
  • Newspaper in education
  • Case study

Communication Skills

  • Dramatization theater in classrooms
  • Dramatization theater in classrooms
  • Interaction with subject experts
  • Mental math training
  • Hands on practical session in laboratories
  • Pronunciation skills
  • Annual language & fests
  • Literary appreciation and expression through poetry, prose etc.
  • Creation of working model & scientific exhibits.
  • Elocution and public speaking
  • Mock parliament

With the help of guidelines prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.) our Academic Team prepares the curriculum for the kindergarten, primary and Middle Schools.