Think of a Day without Women!

A world without women? Unimaginable!

A day without women?  Unthinkable!

Then why celebrate only one day as Women’s Day? Until 1975, Women’s Day was celebrated locally on different dates in different countries. In 1975 United National declared 8th March as International Women’s Day.  Since then, Women’s Day is celebrated globally on this day.

As a mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend and colleague, women’s role in life is indispensable. Woman is the strongest foundation on which each family is built. A healthy society survives on the pillars of strong families. Thus, a day in a year dedicated to women is quite appropriate. Women rightly deserve to be celebrated.

At Vedaant Vidhyakulum, the best residential school in Indore, gender equality is one of the basic tenets of our culture. Men or women, we provide equal opportunities based on merit. Be it our faculty, non-teaching staff or other personnel, the factors that matter are merit, character and proficiency in his/her field of function.

Same is the case for students. Girls or boys, all are our students with equal opportunities to learn, practice and grow.  While portraying role models, we present before our students historical icons without gender bias. Like Mangal Pandey and Jhansi ki Rani; Gandhiji and Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla and Rakesh Sharma, and so on and so forth.

Being a responsible educational institution and the best boarding school, we celebrate all festivals and days of importance without any religious, regional or social bias. Particularly we celebrate Mother’s Day to emphasize the pivotal role of mothers, rather parents, in children’s life so that our students grow up as responsible, loving and caring daughters and sons.

We strongly feel that we should develop a society where the first two letters, ‘wo’ in woman is replaced with ‘hu’ i.e human.

Man or woman, let us be just Human first, and last too.

Let us celebrate Women’s Day, Every Day!


Happy Women’s Day