The Primary School

As students move through the Primary School, we begin to introduce them steadily to the world of integrated mindfulness, while particularly strengthening their aptitude in the core studies of English, Mathematics, General Science and Social Science. This is a time of multidimensional learning.

A wide range of classroom activities is used as stimuli for reading and writing. From class I, our students are introduced to the world of computers, appreciating the need to be well versed with technology. Children begin to use Math Lab from class 1 which helps them to sharpen their logical trades.

We integrate project-based learning in Environmental Science appreciating History, Geography and Cultural diversity of our earth.

Students have physical training classes to flourish their agility and fitness.

Performing arts segment creates an awareness and appreciation of these creative forms.

Establishing worthwhile work habits, persistence, independence, time management and an appreciation of the value of learning oneself begins early in the schooling process at Vedaant Vidhyakulum.