The Preprimary School

The Montessori

A lovely world of Montessori beckons you as you step into the beautiful envisions of Vedaant Vidhyakulum. The prepared Montessori environment enables children to work with freedom with precise materials for specific concepts.

Individual & Social development is fostered in each child by a novel method of mixed age groups in the same environment. Children work toward their inner construction by purposeful activities under the able guidance of trained teachers.

Till 6 years of age, we see significant developments in the physical, emotional and intellectual growth of a child. These are the formative years during which early linguistic and arithmetic basics, a scope of creative play and expression, physical fitness and constructive socialization are crucial steps in fabricating childhood competencies. This is the time when good habits are instilled and a sense of identity takes place.


Different activities in the classroom are targeted to develop fine motor skills, auditory and visual discrimination, hand-eye coordination, one-to-one correspondence and logical thinking. Interesting work activities are given to enhance their observational skills, quantitative analysis, and sequencing.

KG- 2

More emphasis is on reading, to increase the vocabulary of students. Students start framing simple sentences which bring out original writing talent. Mathematics and science are dealt with interactive sessions where opinions and ideas from the child are valued. Craft activities, storytelling, poetry recitation, singing, drama and dance are also a part of Kindergarten II program.

Vedaant runs an exclusive program called TANVI which develops Thinking Skills, Analytical Skills, Numerical Skills, Verbal Skills & Imaginative skills of the child. These are activities based in classrooms.