School with a Mission – Mission Education

Vedaant Vidhyakulum School Indore is a school with a mission. The mission is inspired by the vision of its promoters. Our mission is not a statement written and forgotten.  It is a living document because imparting quality education is a mission for us. We are in the field of education not for seeking name, fame or gain for ourselves. Instead, we would like our students’ names to become synonyms of success. We would like our students’ fame to flourish. We would like our students’ life ahead be full of gains.

Our mission is a living document because it is meaningful, relevant and practical. We don’t make high-flying, impractical promises. We are down-to-earth, knowing the ground realities of our society and the country. We are fully aware of the changes that happen all around.  We are keen to keep ourselves updated on the technological developments all over the world.

We are fully aware of the generational gap between our faculty and students because today’s children are tech-savvy and more adaptable to latest technological developments. Therefore, we focus on keeping our teaching staff updated on modern technological developments so that the student-teacher gap is bridged.

Being the best boarding school in Indore, we guide our students to aspire big in life. We encourage them to be ambitious to reach for the moon, at the same time feet firmly on the ground. We strive to provide them a strong foundation on which they can build their bright future.

Teachings from text books apart, we also are also keen in preparing students for the world outside and their life ahead. They are trained to face the realities of our society, to understand the idea of India, its uniqueness and be a global citizen without losing Indianness.

Our mission envisages overall development of students by encouraging their non-academic talents as well. We offer boarding facilities with well-equipped hostel and well-trained staff so that students can pursue their non-academic talents in arts, sports or in any other field more effectively. Their parents can freely pursue their job or business as their children are in safe hands.

The entire Vedaant team enlivens the school’s mission, because it’s a “Mission Possible”. Our focus, therefore, is that each student passing out of our school should say confidently, “I’m Possible”.



Our mission is to make children aware of the aesthetic beauty of the world, sensitize them to the different environments and help them to make responsible choices in life. We strive to enable children to see, feel, sense and touch life as it is. We at Vedaant strive to build the base of the future of India right from the first step a child takes in school and carries in till he passes out of its corridors as knowing, caring, responsible and extremely conscientious citizen of India. We aspire to make a positive difference to the existing system of education and the traditional definition of school, providing stress free environment supported by trained personnel that is sensitive to each child’s needs.

Vedaant Vidhyakulum School Indore renowned as  a one of the best residential schools in Indore – a home for children who are self-confident, self-dependent and honest individuals i.e. Tomorrow’s Leaders!