Fee Structure

Admission Form
(Adjustable in Admission Fee)

Registration Fee
Rs. 10,000/-
(Non Refundable – Payable only once)

Admission Fee
Rs.11, 500/-
(Non Refundable – Payable only once)

Pocket Money
(Balance to be carry forwarded)

School Fee

  Nur – K.GII I – V VI – VIII IX – X XI – XII
Annual Charges 30,000 32,600 34,800 37,200 38,400
Tuition Fee 20,000 21,800 23,200 24,800 25,600
School Fee

(Without Lunch & Transportation)

50000 54400 58000 62000 64000
Lunch Fee 8,350 8,350 8,350 8,350 8,350
Transportation fee 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000
Total School Fee

 ( With Lunch & Transportation )

70,350 74,750 78,350 82,350 84,350

Payment of fees

Due Date
1st  Term Payable by 31st Mar
2nd  Term Payable by 30th Jun
3rd  Term Payable by 30th Sep
4th  Term Payable by 31st Dec

 Boarding Fee

Admission Form Rs.1000/- Payable Once
Security Deposit Rs.10,000/- Refundable
Total Rs.11,000/-
Child’s Personal Account Rs.3000/- Annually
Internal Exams, Educational Aids, Stationery Charges, Project Materials etc. Rs.3000/- Annually
Meals Rs.33,400/- 10 Months
Sports, Tuition, Extra Curricular Activities. Rs.20,000/- 10 Months
Hostel Maintenance Charges Rs. 12,000/- Annually
Incidental Charges Rs.10,000/- Annually
Total Rs.81,400/- Payable in Installments / One Go
Due Date Amount
1st  Installment Payable by 31st Mar Rs.20,350/-
2nd  Installment Payable by 30th Jun Rs.20,350/-
3rd  Installment Payable by 30th Sep Rs.20,350/-
4th  Installment Payable by 31st Dec Rs.20,350/-
Total Fee Rs.81,400/-
  • *The school fees, charges, and deposits are liable to be revised at any time.
  • Fee Payable At the time of Admission = Admission Form + Registration Fee + Admission Fee + Pocket Money + 1st Term
  • Cheques to be drawn in favour of – Vedaant Vidhyakulum.
  • Cheque return charges @ Rs.500/-
  • In the event of default, a late fee of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged.
  • The school dues must be paid in time to enable the student to appear for the exam

Bank A/C Details

Name :  Vedaant Vidhyakulum

Account No. :  200000565236

Account Type : Current

IFSC Code : ESFB000114002

Bank : Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd