Essence of Value Education

Value-based education is an approach to teaching that goes hand-in-hand with values. At Vedaant Vidhyakulum School Indore, the best boarding school in Indore, we strive to create a healthy learning environment that raises the levels of academic accomplishment.  We focus on instilling in students the basic values of life. Just to cite a few examples:

  • Individual values for perfect personality development.
  • Social values to develop students as socially responsible citizens, understanding their rights and duties towards society and the country.
  • Values of relationship – respect, maintain and strengthen personal, social, friendly and family relationships.
  • Be secular. Follow your faith, but respect other religions. Refrain from being communal which destroys the harmony and divides society.
  • Gender equality. No discrimination on the basis of gender. We groom our girl students to become confident and independent individuals. Similarly we train our boy students to respect girls.
  • Practical and relevant application of information technology. To be aware and updated on the technological advancement in all fields is important. Nevertheless, we advise students to restrict usage of internet, mobile phone and social media. Use them when necessary to enhance value. Beware of the negative impacts.

Our faculty is trained to demonstrate the positive values so as to build a conducive learning environment. Such a favorable scenario is entirely free from the stress of confrontational relationships, which makes teaching and learning an enjoyable experience.

Being the best school in Indore with Hostel, we are fully aware that the values imbibed at a tender age equip students with social and relationship skills, intellectual insights and positive attitudes to succeed in studies and rest of their lives.

As we actively engage with values, we come to realize their influences on our attitudes and responses. A value-based environment paves way for an intellectual and aspirational attributes and attitudes. We nurture these positive vibes enabling students to discover all that is best in them, thus grooming them as responsible citizens and preparing for their professional lives ahead.

Value-based education envisages a learning environment wherein students perform better not only in academic results, but it also facilitates their overall development. Such a scenario equips students with social capacities that help them relate to the society effectively.  Value-based education encompasses all our students and it provides them with self-esteem and confidence to add wings to their full potential and fly high in life.